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Personal Best


      "Striving for My Personal Best" is a school-wide motivational program that recognizes student achievement in the classroom. It is designed to allow students to set, work for, and achieve personal goals. The total school involvement (adminstrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students) helps build school unity and pride and further develops a student's self esteem and character.

      Students earn a t-shirt when they recieve all A, B, and C's and a satifactory in Citizenship at the end of the grading period. The color of the shirt each year is determined by a vote done through ASB.They are presented their shirt at our quarterly "Recognition Assembly."  Friday has been designated as "Personal Best" day at Suva where students not only wear their shirts but may also wear blue or black jeans. The goal is for all students to earn a shirt by the end of the school year.

       After more than 20 years "Personal Best" remains one of the most popular student recognition programs here at Suva Intermediate. It has certainly evolved to meet the needs of our school. Despite some of the changes, the core objectives remain the same....recognize student accomplishments, provide an incentive to set goals and meet them, and improve student's self-esteem.

 "Striving for My Personal Best"